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Value Assessment
Taking the guesswork out of IT strategy planningÖ

The Value Assessment is a customer-needs driven study. With shrinking budgets and expanding demands, companies are under enormous pressure to deploy the right solutions at an affordable price. And those solutions must support the business goals of the enterprise as it grows and evolves. Acendion Consulting Services can take you through a clear method for analyzing solutions and their potential value, along with the financial impact they will have.

  Check List of Value Assessment:

During the value assessment following points will be consider:
  • Identify key pain points and opportunities for improvement within your company
  • Use of core applications, overlap and complexity of applications, training requirements.
  • Changing process cycle times, process flows, business logic.
  • Integration with customers and suppliers; new product/service offerings
  • Policies for architects and developers to collaborate on IT standards, architecture designs, and platform choices; guidelines on how to use software infrastructure; reference models to guide architecture used by software projects.
  • IT and business unit collaboration on the design and fit of the solution; functional design Reviews of a solution's business functionality by delivery project team and business domain experts; compliance of both platform/product and functional design.
  • Formal processes for specifying, approving, and controlling policy specifications that control the functionality, execution and reporting of services.

Acendion Consulting Servicesís can help you in above scenarios with assessment offerings tailor made to your specific needs.

  Value Assessment Report:

After value assessment by Acendion Consulting Services detailed documentation of all insights and recommendations will be provided to customers including:

  • Systematic analysis of ITís role as business enabler & innovation driver
  • External benchmarking with comparable companies (e.g. mainstream, same industry and
  • Direct peer group) along all relevant management dimensions
  • Fact-based rating of strengths and weaknesses
  • Specific recommendations based on prioritized need for action
  • Personal presentation, explanation and discussion of all results by IT value experts of Acendion Consulting Services.
  Value Assessment areas:

Business Issues + Governance = Opportunity Mapping...

Some of the most popular assessments offerings that Acendion Consulting Services undertakes are as follows:

  • Global Sourcing and Hybrid Delivery Model assessment
  • SOA
  • Business Value Assessment
  • SAP ERP implementation and supports scoping assessment
  • HCM: Human Capital Management
  • SAP CRM process (Customer Interaction Center, Marketing Campaign, Mobile Sales)
  • Business Intelligence
  • SAP Upgrade Service Assessment
  • SAP Data archiving Service Assessment
  • Business Case and Solution Roadmaps
  • SAP NetWeaver Assessment
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